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Ovaltine was developed over 100 years ago by a pharmacist called Dr Wander who's ambition it was to eliminate malnutrition.

Ever since, Ovaltine has combined enjoyment with nutritious goodness from natural ingredients, making it as relevant to families today as it was then.


Because powder is not always convenient Ovaltine is also available across a growing number of countries in a tetra pack or bottled format, that's ready to drink.

Full of malt and dairy goodness and the delicious Ovaltine taste, it's popular with mums and kids as a lunchbox filler or a treat on the go!


Healthy, active kids need a snack between meals to keep them going, but left to their own devices they will fill themselves up on sugary sweets or fatty treats. Ovaltine snacks are made with natural, wholesome ingredients you can trust, and contain vitamin and mineral goodness to help keep your kids on the ball!


A day can't start properly without a good breakfast. Getting everyone up and ready for school doesn't leave much time. That's why Ovaltine has started to develop a range of tasty breakfast products your family will want to stop and eat. These all contain the extra goodness which helps them get their day off to a head start!

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Did you know?

Abroad, Ovaltine is sometimes known under the name Ovomaltine.

Ovo has previously been part of summer Olympics in Berlin, London and Helsinki.

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